New Haven is going to hurt

So, I did 10K after work today. 6 whole miles, and it hurt. Not quite sure why – well, other than not having done any real distance since the 7 with David a while ago.

It wasn’t a bad hurt, by any means. Just not comfortable like a 6 miler should be 4 weeks before a 12 mile race.

Can I confess something? Earlier I ragged on Nike+iPod for having a “too simple” interface, and a stat screen like a video game.

Well, I think I like that now.

Dunno why, but the “My Records” trophy case is especially appealing. I haven’t put anything meaningful up there yet, but still it’s kind of cool. Especially since there’s no real documentation about what it takes to put something up there. Kind of like figuring out a game without having to open the manual.

Anyway, 6.2 miles today on Jamestown. 10 minutes floating on my back looking up at the clouds and feeling the rollers coming in all the way from Africa. I got funny, funny looks from the folks taking a dive class, all suited up in full body wetsuits when I jumped in in my running shorts.

Good day counting calories today. I think I can drop 5 lbs by New Haven if I keep on top of things.

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Leapin’ Lepoards! (fellow macheads only)

Apple’s OS X Lepoard Preview is out today. Things that look most promising to me? Mail and Spaces – Virtual Desktops actually built into the system.

I’ve been using Desktop Manager without complaint. But this is SLICK.
Looks like my Linux Experiment is for sure going to end on 1 September. Ye cats. I’ve got no real complaints about Ubuntu to date (Other than the whole FLASH thing, but apparently that works on X86 architecture). It’s perfectly useable as a day-to-day computer. But, why drive a (insert cheap car) when you can drive a (insert completely SHWEET car) ride a Huffy when you’ve got a Felt/Cervelo/Orbea in the garage? ‘Specially when the price difference isn’t a couple of orders of magnitude…
Anyone want to send me a MacBook? No?

OK, guess it’s back to saving pennies. ETD is Nov/Dec pending other tragedies like the recent demise of my iPod…