I love my wife

My longsuffering wife was stir-crazy this evening. Why, you ask? Well, here along the Connecticut coast, they cancel school as if we lived down south – threat of snow sends the kids home. Consequently, Jake’s pre-school was canx this afternoon, and with the threat of snow blasting from every media outlet, the prudent choice was to stay home. Hence, the stir-craze.

In any case, we finish supper, and she decides to run to the bookstore for a little cuppa and some sanity while I get a little insanity from the boys (Yeah, bathtime!). Today was a running day off, and I’d completely intended to go swim this morning, so I mention to her that I might head to the Y after the boys are in bed. Fine, whatever, she says over her shoulder as she zips down the porch stairs.

8 PM, the boys are clean(ish), in PJ’s, and Jake is safely tucked in his bed. Nate and I are snoozing on the couch waiting patiently for my bride to return, when she does. She throws me the key, and says “Hey, can you fill up my car on your way home?”

I look at her through half-lidded eyes and mumble “I kind of decided to blow it off tonight. I tried to call on your cell.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Oh.”

She bends down to pick up the baby to feed him and put him to sleep. Half a beat too late, I get the message. “Hey, I guess I will go swim.”

I run into the bedroom, pull on the swimming shorts and pull my pants over them. My gym bag is downstairs in my car, so I can get it on my way out. “Where’s the key?” I ask as I head towards the door.

She mumbles something, and I stick my head in the living room where she’s got the baby. I ask “What?”

“No, don’t bother … I’ll fill it up tomorrow.”

“No, I changed my mind again, I want to go.”

“I rushed home for this. You’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t seem supportive, and I know you really want to get in shape this year.”

Did I mention I love this woman? Cabin fever, crappy weather (rained all day, so it’s not like she could kick the boy outside to play), and the New Year’s blues, together with the aftermath of 2 weeks of company over the holidays, and her driving concern for the evening is my goals.

I can be a heel sometimes.

I don’t know if my workout tonight was inspired by luv or what, but the swim was really, really nice. Started with 10 laps of breaststroke that just seemed smooth. A lap with the kickboard (straight legs), 10x freestyle, another kickboard, another 10X freestyle, kickboard and 5x breast to finish. The first set of freestyle felt great – the first time I’ve ever felt like I was swimming, as opposed to flailing. The last set of freestyle was back to my ugly self, but I think a lot of that is a lack of upper body strength.

Swimming is amazing, BTW. It may just be my imagination, but after about 2x a week for only 2-3 weeks, I think I can start to see some definition in my arms. (Probably not, but it makes me feel good to think it.) It really uses a bunch of muscles that running and cycling don’t, especially in the upper back and abs.