Have I mentioned it gets cold up here?

Went out on the roads this afternoon. 3.6 miles in slightly less than 32 minutes. Yippie! But, man, it was cold. I swear that today, at just above freezing and rainy, felt colder than days when it was 20 and clear. Kind of the nasty, humid days of summer in reverse.

But it’s all good – I’m back on schedule mileage-wise for the year (transcription error had me a week behind in my planner, and rather than scratch it out, I added a mile to this week, split between 2 runs), and feeling pretty good. I probably should have done the treadmill, but I dunno – it makes me feel 1) like a wuss, and 2) wasteful for using electricity to run when the good Lord has made all of this good ground and hills that don’t use any extra energy.

Not that I haven’t had my love of treadmills in the past – one of the joys I experienced going to sea on an aircraft carrier was the “gerbil gyms” loaded with treadmills. See, submarines don’t have room for treadmills – they usually only have bikes, rowers, and stair-climbers because that’s what fits. So being able to actually run underway was nice. But it’s not like there were roads and fresh air as options…