Be Like A Duck

Got to the pool tonight. For whatever reason, while the 5:30 AM lap swim is packed to the point where every lane is being shared, the evening lap swims are usually pretty empty. Last week it was me and one other guy, tonight it was me and two/three other guys. And the hot lifeguard.

I’m sure it was my imagination, but it felt like something had clicked in the pool tonight. Maybe it was taking Monday as a rest day, and the worry-free run on Tuesday, but the first half of tonight’s workout felt almost effortless, and the second half where I really pushed felt not awful. Well, except for supper trying to revisit once – two hours may not be enough digestion time, especially for someone who ships enough water while trying to breathe to sink a small ship.

But it felt good, and I swam for almost 50 minutes. My personal triumphs (kind of like Chris’ chin-ups were
1. Doing a set of 10 laps with good flip-turns at each end.
2. Doing a flip-turn that did not end with me sticking my head completely out of the water and gasping.
3. Actually lapping someone (Small dog rears his ugly head) who looked of similar fitness. He lapped me later, too, so it was probably just warm ups for him/cool downs for me.

I stopped by a pub downtown to catch the end of Trivia Night with some friends who were hanging out there, and completely undid any good the swimming did with some nachos. Mmmmm, nachos (no beer, though). One thing at a time, I guess. This 21 days is to get back into the swing of fitness, maybe the next 21 days will be working on diet (not as in restricted calories, but as in avoiding eating crap).