It’s the humidity, stupid

So it turns out that my hypothesis about humidity making it feel much, much colder on Saturday was true: I did my 3.0 miles for today outside in weather that was probably 5 degrees colder than yesterday afternoon’s run, and it felt about 5 degrees warmer. Go figure.

But, the first mental milestone is past – I made one full week on a program! My optimism at eking out a little extra may have been misplaced – Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday’s runs were not in the pantheon of “good” runs, but neither were they bad runs. They were tough, and rightly so – It’s been probably a quarter since I did more than 10 miles in a week. I’d pull it up off of the Forerunner, ‘cept I dumped the memory to start fresh for 2005.

Speaking of fresh starts, it made my day to see that April-Anne jumped back into her shoes last week, too.

Today, I set out to do the bare minimum for the program, and finished 3.02 miles in 26:39, average of 8:50/mile.

For the week, I did 9 outside and 3.4 on a treadmill, for a total of 12.4, .4 ahead of plan.

Here’s to weeks 2 and 3, and the old college psychology class rumor – if you can do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit that takes at least 21 days to break.