Run away from your troubles

Today was supposed to be a rest day.


It was one of those days. I couldn’t focus ’cause I was spun up over life in general. So this afternoon, I decided to hit the road. ‘Cept (D’oh!) I had no warm top And the temp, as promised, fell rapidly after noon. Thankfully, there’s a discount clothes store near the office, so I picked up a groovy new henley, headed back to the office, and strapped on the sneaks.

I’d been doing out-and-backs along the highway access road on the north side of the interstate where the office is, but another runner from the office told me that it was a good loop to head under I-95 and come back on the other side. He was right.

I’ve posted a picture of the giant hill on the north side before; there was a similar hill, ‘cept better on the south side of the freeway. Great run.

What blew me away, though, was a field I ran past. 100 yards off the interstate, down an embankment, was an entire herd of deer just sitting there grazing. Good stuff. Not sure why a mid-sized unglutate can make me so happy, but they do. (Hungry, too, but that’s an easy reason)

3.3 miles, 28:37 minutes. 22.8 miles for the year. 977.2 to hit 1,000 human powered miles for the year (Just kicking around potential goals).