Yesterday? 1/2 mile in 30 minutes. Think I’m taking this taper thing a little too literally.

‘Cept it was in the pool.

Yeah, back on standard time, back to hitting the YMCA at night. The upside is that this year, they’ve added another hour to the evening lap swim, so there were like two other guys in the pool when I started.

So, I took it easy – 5x breast, two sets of 5x free, and a cooldown of 5x breast. Never really breathed hard.

But it felt good to be back into the water. My arms were kind of confused – “Hey, what gives? We don’t get used continuously …” I could really, really feel the neglected triceps, delts, and lats, and even my core was starting to complain near the end (Note to self – this is why you do pushups and situps). But it felt good. Taking back to the water this year looks to be an easier transition than last year.

As far as NYC goes?

Frankly, I think the anticipation to this race is worse than the anticipation for Mystic Places. There’s none of the “Hey, I’m going to be a marathoner” to look forward to, and on top of the general soreness of the race, it’s 3 hours back to the house once I limp down to Grand Central. Bleh. But, I should be able to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while, which will be nice.

After this? I start working on Christian – he’s going to start the NYC road runners’ beginning running program next week, and I’m gonna do it with him. Begin with easy walking, works up to 5 miles in about 2 months. Should be fun. I also start counting calories next week – down to 160 by Christmas?