Great Moments in Parenting / Turkey Trot

So, Jake’s not an eater. Not quite sure exactly how it happened, he’s definitely my kid in pretty much every other ways – loves books, talks too much, gets a dopey grin when he’s busted. But the boy doesn’t like to eat. Honest to goodness, pretty much every evening he’s still working on supper after Missy, me, and Nate have chatted and had dessert. He’s not chubby, so it’s not that we’re trying to feed him too much. The boy just doesn’t like to eat (probably takes too much time away from talking)

Anyway, tonight he starts eating pretty well, but after about 5 minutes, he says “I don’t like this, can I be finished?” Uh, … no. “Um, I meant to say, I don’t feel good. Can I be finished?”

So, up until now, it’s just another evening – Nate, Missy, and I have dessert, and are chillin’ in the living room next to the tree, Jake is at the table pushing his food around the plate. Missy decides to step out and see the lights. Since Jake helped hang them, I drag him out, and the dog cleans his plate in the literally 2 minutes we’re outside. We decide that Jake’s done, what with the holidays and all, and get ready to hang some more ornaments He asks to go to bed.

Oh, crap.

Turns out he’s actually sick this time. Pukes all over the kitchen.

Ah, guilt.


Turkey Trot –

Thursday was chilly, chilly. Snow on the ground when we woke up, rain falling. Dragged the family to the Y, Nate still in his footy pajamas. Jake was bouncing off the wall – slept in his sweats. At the Y, he kept running, warming up and all. They let us mill about the gym and assembly hall. Cute, huh?


Run was really informal – no clocks, no chips. Great t-shirts, though.


The race started well. The first hill, between the rear parking lot and the front was no problem. Jake was flying, and Nate was having a blast in the stroller. As we left the parking lot, one of Jake’s instructors from the Y was officiating, and cheered him on. Really, really boosted his spirits about a quarter of the way into the race to get a cheer.

Over the top of the big hill mid-course, and I thought that all would be well for the rest of the race. Jake really took off on the downhill, and made it about another 30 yards when he took his first walk break. Either that, or he really wanted to stomp that puddle.

The rest of the race was walk/run. He made a huge effort coming back into the Y – ran the whole way from the entrance to the finish. Nate even got into the spirit, saying “Go, bubba” for most of the half mile back. Then – playing at the beach. In the rain. Good Stuff.

Missy had a great race – most likely sub-9’s the whole way. She easily finished in the top half of the field.

Oh, since there’s a beach at the Y, it was a “Turkey Trot and Dip”. Most of the runners jumped in as soon as they finished, carrying a little warmth from the run into the water. Me? I’m having none of that. Chilled with the kiddos about 10 minutes waiting for Missy; Jumped into the Mystic River in late November at room temperature. Yep, it’s cold.