Pulled off the double workout today. I am pleased. First, though, huge thanks to Dianna, our RCWTOH, for sending the NYT Marathon section. Will scan soon, and will put in the “accomplishments” folder for eventual incorporation into the Bill Jankowski Presidential Library.

The grey has rolled in something fierce. Not the nastyness we had about the time of the Hartford Marathon, but the general winter grey, topped off with the sun setting sometime before I leave the office. You’d think it’d get me down, but frankly, I’m kind of enjoying the weather. There was a mist as I was leaving work today, and everything looked kind of clean and soft-focused under the sodium lights.

Standard fallback meal of grilled chicken and broccoli slaw; couple of games of ring-around-the-rosy with the boys; a little tag-team wrestling complete with the patented “over the shoulder” foot-tickler; bath; story; kisses; up for water, and I was headed to the Y by 8:00.

There was a SWEET Serotta cross bike tied up to the rack. Ran into the owner in the locker room; he didn’t mind talking bikes with a guy in the process of getting naked. He rides for Mystic Velo, picked up the bike for a song, and was well aware exactly how lucky he was to have it.

Didn’t want to knock myself out swimming. Started out with 5 easy laps breast. Then 5 of free with arms only.

On the next set of 5 free with arms and legs, I progressively pushed harder. Can’t say I went faster, ’cause I’ve got no empirical evidence to support that. But I completely went harder. Felt great. Smooth strokes. Quick overhead stroke and big stretch – get that effective hull length as long as I can. Just felt good.

Cooled down with 3 free easy, and 2 breast. 1,000 yards; plenty of time to shower and make it home for “My Name is Earl”. Love that show. I’m guessing that Earl is one of my high school classmates (metaphorically).

Inspiration for the night was the one high school guy there, obviously a good swimmer, teaching 3 other guys things like flip turns and kicking technique. Just the kids, no adults. Looked like they were having fun.

Checked out my shoes today for the first time since September. Somewhere along the last 4 months I’ve decided to become a heel striker again. I’m back to having heavy wear on the outside of both heels. Rats. I was so happy after my Jan-June shoes showed next to no wear on the heel, and equal wear on both sides of the ball. Fortunately, nothing is hurting, so I think it’s just a matter of concentrating while i build mileage again.

Lastly, I’d like to welcome one of my childhood friends and idols, Jeff, back from a little time to unwire. He may be wound a little tight, but he’s always had a confidence that I wish I had just a little chunk of. Plus, he lived right down the street from the cool radio station in town when we were kids. And it’s his birthday this weekend.