170 on the scale.

Blew off swimming tonight and running yesterday.


Life’s been good, though. Haven’t been this happy at work in years. Boys are healthy and happy. Haven’t done anything to irk the wife in the last week or so. Plus, I’m still working off the high from the bike ride on Sunday. What a riot. Every other cyclist I saw waved back with smiles. Think we all felt like we were cheating or something, riding the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

I do need to get back on the wagon, though. It’s kind of funny – after a year of being skinnier than I’ve been in a few years, I can feel my body trying to pull the weight back on (hence the 3 lbs since the marathon). I think one of my failures in the past has been in failing to recognize when I started falling into weight gaining patterns.

SO, the question now is how to I nip this in the bud? How do I capitalize on the foundation I laid this year to meet the goals I set out a couple weeks ago? I need a PLAN. Hit the library today (have I mentioned how much I love Public Libraries?), picked up a couple of Tri books. I’m also reviewing a “Navy Seal” book I picked up a couple of years ago. My goal over the holiday is to lay out a plan to get me to the PRT in April. I’ll likely find an Olympic distance tri program to use as a base – quality mix of stuff I like.

Night, y’all.