Rest-ish day / Nag – Why don’t you go give blood?

I’m ahead of schedule for the week’s training (Three miles ahead and one extra day of running), so today’s a rest day. Sort of. Even though hearing about Jeff’s flying run last night. RBF, y’all rock – every day, at least someone has a phenomenal run, which is incentive to get back out there.

The one thing I will nag y’all about is donating blood **. The clockwork blood drive at NUWC was today; I donated. Cheap way to lose a pound, and the red blood cells will be reconstituted out of other parts of my body assuming I don’t break down and get another Squishy (Icee, Slurpee – term is from the Simpsons) or otherwise compensate by extra eating. Here’s the Red Cross’ site. It’s also a great way to get a health update – BP was like 108/70, thanks to a month and a half of running. Only took an hour from walking in the door until walking out after cookies and juice.

I will probably go for an easy swim tonight. Though I cleaned out the part of the basement dedicated to bikes last night, and did an assessment of what needs to be done to the family’s five bikes (My beauty road bike, my beater road bike, my beater mountain bike, Missy’s hybrid, and Jake’s tiny bike) prior to spring. Although the rains have washed much of the sand off the roads, and I may be sorely tempted to log a quick 15 or 20 miles on Saturday.

** The reason I nag is that I’ve had a couple of FOAF (Friends of a Friend) whose lives have been saved by donated blood. I understand that not everyone can give, too, and apologize in advance if for whatever reason you can’t.