Good Day

Woke up early, same sniffles. Decided to gut it out and do 5 miles before heading into NYC.

Good Idea.

The run was really tough. I think donating blood hit me for a bigger loop than I’d though. My thighs were sore most of the way, and I felt … tired. Kind of in a funny way. Not in an out of shape kind of way, just … tired.

In any case, I finished a good 5 miles (Same route including River Road that I ran last weekend, ‘cept I did it the opposite way, so half of the hill climb was right at the start, and half was at the finish, instead of saving it all for the end. I didn’t feel drained at the end of the run, all the …tired was during the run.

Packed up Jake and my friend Christian and headed to NYC. Great time. I’ll post pics probably tomorrow. We took the train in to Grand Central Terminal (absolutely not Grand Central Station – the Metro North lines end at the terminal, but pass through many stations on the way), walked past the lions at the public library to the subway station in Bryant Park, took the train up to the American Museum of Natural History. The dinosaurs were great – like I said, I’ve got pictures.

We then had a great walk back to the Terminal through Central Park and the Gates. I’ll be honest – “The Gates” are ugly as sin – big orange monstrosities, and even a pretty terrible fabric used to make them. The Art, I’ve decided, was performance art in two ways – First Christo had to convince a metric ton of people to let him do this (almost all with private money, it should be noted, other than “rent” for the park). The second performance was absolutely packing Central Park in the dead of winter.

Stopped at the Cafe in the Sheep Meadow for coffee (and a potty break). Stopped at the Newly Redone FAO Schwartz – well, I can’t really blame it on The Boy, since I wanted to look at toys too (to see the $30K ride-in Hummer with the real stereo, and the $50K Ferrari), and stopped at about 52nd and 4th to get some Pizza before jumping back on the train. Very nice. Jake was way better than an almost 5 year old should be. And he kept on the same dopey grin that I’ve always got when I’m rolling in the Apple.

The upside – Made my mileage again for the week, one run shorter than planned. Gave Blood. Made Memories.

The Downside? I don’t have a puppy.

(not that I need one – I love our dog. I just had to find something to gripe about)