Should have written on Wednesday

Wednesday was a great run. Ma and Pa Jank were on their way up for Nate’s first birthday (Saturday). Their flight got into Providence about 9, so Missy said “Hey, why don’t you save the drive and just hang out in Newport until their flight gets in?” So I did.

Four miles along the western side of Aquidneck island as the sun set. I faded a bit in the last mile, but the entire run felt great. Christian and I (and a couple other guys from work) headed over to Warwick for a little bit of bar-b-q for supper, and believe it or not, some guy shopping – LCD TV’s at Best Buy and random sports equipment. Plus, there was hoops on. (That sounds a lot better out loud than in print)

Skipped Thursday. I was going to go on my way home, but ended up working late on an urgent project for the boss of one of my client. Ended up with the client happy, but I was late getting home, and didn’t get in a run.

Not wanting to fall behind, I headed out for the loop from the Waterford office. Beautiful, beautiful. We got about 4″ of snow last night – not enough to go skiing, darnit, but enough to warrant shoveling prior to heading to the office. The run was tough – 3.3 mile, and I did it clockwise instead of counter. The last mile, with a huge uphill pretty much tapped whatever effort I had left.

So Friday night I had to admit that I was finally sick. Not gawdawful hacking up lungs type sick, but sick enough to warrant a couple of days rest. I’m not going to make this week’s mileage, but I’m cool with that. It was the triple whammy (blood donation, sick baby, and general life stress – family visiting, interesting projects at work, navel gazing) that did me in. The running slips this week, but the body puts itself back together.

Thanks for all the great comments after Tuesday’s whine. I’ll have more later, but for now – thanks.